Tax Credits

When you and your spouse start living separately, it immediately impacts your tax situation. However, it’s important to note that since April 5th, 2000, the tax allowance for married couples has been discontinued, except for individuals born before April 1935. Likewise, tax relief for maintenance payments has been phased out for the same age group. For tax purposes, maintenance payments are not treated as taxable income.

It’s crucial to inform the tax authorities about your separation, especially since the date you both started living apart can influence aspects such as capital gains tax and how joint income is assessed. Professional advice from a financial or legal expert is highly recommended to navigate these changes effectively. For general inquiries, the Inland Revenue provides assistance through their national helpline, available Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm at 020 7667 4001. Additional contact details and FAQs can be found on their website or your local phone directory.

The Inland Revenue’s website offers a wealth of information for those seeking guidance on tax matters. They have become more user-friendly and accessible for queries. For more personalized advice, consider consulting with an accountant or a financial adviser.

Tax Credits are a significant consideration for families, with up to 90% of families with children potentially eligible. Tax credits are not exclusively for those with children; they also extend to single parents, individuals with disabilities, and those with childcare expenses. It’s beneficial to review your eligibility for these credits as they can provide substantial financial support.