Moving on

Life coaches: Divorce coaches to help you move forward after divorce and separation

Feeling confused after the divorce?

If you are feeling rather confused and don't know in which direction your life is taking you but feel it is time to change something, then life coaching may be the answer. Going through the process of a divorce and rebuilding your life afterwards is, as you know, a major life change. All sorts of things change - or seem to change. It may be very practical things such as where you live. Or it could be more to do with your feelings and emotions such as feeling that you have failed or how to cope with friends and relatives.

Is coaching the same as therapy?
Coaching isn't therapy. It may well be therapeutic and it may be emotional but ultimately it is about realising where you are and helping you to move forward. I acknowledge emotional pain and loss. When we recognise these feelings, we are ultimately stronger in our ability to create new and happy relationships.

How can it help me?
Coaching can be about helping you to get back on your feet and exploring who you really are. It can help you to feel more in control of what is happening, rather than feeling everything is happening to you. It is about building respect for yourself.

How can I find a life coach?
We are delighted to introduce our Divore Life Coaches, Debbie Watkins, Sue Isaacs, Roxanne Barker, Bridget Queally Alan Matthews and Annie O’Neill. Our latest coach is Kevin Watson of ulife and we welcome him aboard. Please read the coaches' individual details below and please don't forget to mention Divorce Aid when contacting them.

Kevin Watson
ulife divorce coaching

One moment the life you have is made up of normal things like the deadline at work, getting the children to school on time and where to go out that night. Then the next second your life has changed and what was normal becomes uncertain in an instant. I have a passion for guiding people through such moments of change. Helping people to redefine their experience, choosing the response that serves them best by inspiring choice,
growth, empowerment and responsibility.

When I reflect on my life, I realise that it has taken many twists and turns. Married with a family at a very young age, I have
been through two divorces, lived in more than a dozen places, and have changed my career more than once. I know what it
is like to deal with the loss of normal…I have not just taken it from a book! I have been on my own unique journey and
found my way through. Yet, I do not assume I know what is right for others. I recognise that each person’s experience is
unique and provide choices to decide the right way for them.

I decided to leave my well paid job in 2003 to study for a coaching certificate with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and
Development. I have spent time reading, meeting interesting people and engaging in fantastic conversations that take me to
the most amazing places. I went on to study Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy and Emotional Freedom
Technique, all of which I use with people I work with as appropriate.

When we work together, you choose the subject that is important to you in that moment. It could be that you have just decided toseperate, in the middle of agreeing the financial settlement or starting to create your new life after the divorce. Whatever the situation, my belief is that you already
have the resources to meet the challenges you are facing. Sometimes, however, you may not know how to tap into them.
I believe coaching to be an interactive process that empowers you to discover your own solutions and strategies, helping rediscover your own unique talents and skills.

Focused on achieving tangible outcomes, I adopt a flexible approach when coaching, establishing an appropriate style. For
some, this may be an action centred, solutions focused approach – setting goals, exploring reality & options, and gaining commitment to action.
For others, it may mean creating and holding a space to explore their own experience – enabling them to achieve new perspectives, challenge self-limiting assumptions and gaining fresh insights into old responses.

I have been trained to listen, to observe and to deal directly with your needs. You discover your own solutions and strategies and rediscover your own unique talents and skills that will help you become more of who you really are and who you want to be. Working over a period of time, you can choose to visit our rooms in Harley Street or take advantage of the flexibility and extended access provided by telephone coaching.

You may be facing a life changing moment of your own that is rocking your core, your whole reason for being and your sense of well being. Many people, ofcorse, will get through change in their own time and in their own way. For some, however, professional assistance may be appropriate.
Maybe now is the right time to choose something different and ultimately the only way to really know how I may help is to get in touch and find out.
Contact me today at or telephone 020 8815 9415 to arrange an initial meeting.
Have a look at our website ulife
I look forward to hearing from you.

Alan Matthews
Real Life Coaching

Having gone through my own divorce, I can not only relate to people going through this but have used my experiences to help people in this situation.
I can help you to look at where you are now, where you want to be, assist you to regain confidence, self esteem and move on and take the the next vital steps to your new life.
Primarily my coaching is done by phone with both men and women and can therefore be conducted with anyone in the UK. Face to face meetings are possible subject to location.
I am non judgemental, sensitive and committed to helping you move on but coaching, where necessary, will also gently push you to achieve your new life.
Alan, a member of the International Coach Federation can be contacted by:
tel: 020 8560 0322

Annie O’Neill
New Horizons Divorce Coaching
- Creating a New Life for Yourself

Are you? –
• Newly separated or divorced and wondering ‘now what’?
• Used to being part of a couple and find it difficult to adjust to being single again?
• Lacking confidence?
• Finding negative or bitter feelings are holding you back?
• Ready to move on but not sure where to start?

As your Divorce Coach, I will be dedicated to helping you to reinvent your life after your divorce. I will never judge you or criticise you but will support you in unlocking your potential and taking action to make your life more fulfilling.

As your Divorce Coach, I will help you to:
Decide what you want
Investigate your options
View things objectively
Overcome problems
Renew your confidence
Consider what actions to take
Explore new possibilities
Discover a new, more exciting and rewarding life

I have been divorced once and widowed once so I understand the emotions associated with being on your own after being in a long-term relationship. I have had to reinvent my life on two occasions and am proof that it can be done. I am now self-employed, with a job that I love. I am also married again, very happily.
Contact her to discuss face-to-face or phone sessions by using this email link Annie O’Neill
or phone her direct on 0118 958 5430 mentioning Divorce Aid

Debbie Watkins
Whilst working within the financial services sector, Debbie used coaching as a tool to develop sales teams' productivity and self-belief. Over a short period of time she was able to support members of her team make dramatic changes in their behaviour. This resulted in a self-motivated and directed team.

In 1998 she too experienced the stress of divorce and watched the impact this had on close family, friends and work colleagues. smartcoaching was established in 2003 whilst working full time for The Co-operative Bank. In August 2004 Debbie moved to work full time in her coaching role.

smartcoaching aims to assist others with their own personal development to enable more people to achieve a happier lifestyle. As well as being a qualified NLP practitioner Debbie also runs an Image and Style Business – Alter Ego.

Successes to date are due to her ability to help others identify and focus on actions to take. Debbie’s outgoing personality, dedication and sensitivity as a coach gives her the opportunities to work in many different environments.
Tel 0161 285 0664
Mob 0770 334 1856

Sue Isaacs
Helping you through your divorce or separation. Are you trying to...

  • Make sense of your current situation?
  • Find direction in your life?
  • Maintain your dignity?

I have helped many people in the same situation as you to...

  • Regain control of their lives
  • Make important decisions
  • Strengthen their self esteem
  • Feel proud
  • Manage stressful situations

Sometimes, this difficult time can be made worse by contact issues and childcare. I have helped many people to prepare for this to make it less upsetting for them and their children.

My style is down to earth and non-judgmental. I am a qualified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner in Worthing (near Brighton in West Sussex) but I can assist you by phone or email.

I can help you in your situation now, deal with any problems that may stem from your past, and help you to face your future with pride and confidence.

' ...I just couldn't believe this was happening to us'

' ...I used to hide behind the sofa and get a neighbour to walk the children down to my 'ex's car on contact days.'

' ...Sue's support and encouragement definitely got me through the early days.'

Roxanne Barker and Bridget Queally - Fearless Living Classes

Is this you or a friend? Trying to get over your divorce?

• Feeling stuck/frustrated with your career?
• Looking for a promotion or recognition?
• Would love your relationship with your partner to improve?
• Your teenagers giving you a hard time?
• Being bullied at work or have huge expectations been put on you?
• Over-tired, over-busy, exhausted?
• Overweight or forgotten how to take care of YOU?
• Isolated and want more friends?
• Disappointed you didn’t achieve something you had your heart set on?

Weekly coaching group (or fortnightly if group prefers) via telephone run by Roxanne Barker CFLC and Bridget Queally CFLC (Certified Fearless Living Coaches).

What is a Tele-class?
A Tele-class is a conference call and is similar to a normal telephone conversation. You and 6-10 other registrants call a regular phone number at an agreed time and you are welcomed by the Tele-class Leader/s.

The Tele-class begins promptly at 2 minutes after the listed start time. A Tele-class is similar to a telephone conversation -- some questions, some discussion, some interaction. If this if your first time taking a Tele-class, you may wonder if, and how, it works. Testimonies from satisfied members prove that it does work. It's highly interactive and the 'flow' works well.

You can listen and absorb and/or engage in the discussion. There is always an opportunity to ask questions of the Tele-class Leader/s during the class. Most TeleClass sessions last an hour.

Working through the principles of Fearless Living in a group can bring many benefits, especially if participants are committed to supporting each other throughout their studies. Some chapters will be easy for some and challenging for others. We invite you to see this an opportunity to support one another in learning how to be fearless. No one can be fearless alone. We encourage you to ask questions, devour the concepts and immerse yourself in the work.

Since risk is essential to being Fearless, it can get scary as you move through your fears. It is nice to know you have a Team around you. And when a group of individuals are committed to the same thing, magic happens.

Roxanne and Bridget have experience and insightful understanding of the Fearless Living Principles. Concepts throughout the book, Fearless Living: Live Without Excuses and Love Without Regret, authored by Rhonda Britten, will be addressed and refined, giving you the opportunity to integrate these principles at a personal new level.

If you are ready for more support… If you are ready to be coached…If you are really serious about being Fearless…Join our Group and have a go!

Every Coaching Group offers you something you don’t have alone: A group of individuals committed to mastering the Fearless Living Principles in order to live a powerful, authentic, purpose-filled life. With that kind of support, imagine the things you can achieve? Career goals? Love connections? Personal excellence?

When you join a Coaching Group led by a Fearless Living Coach, get ready to master fear at an accelerated level. With no distance barriers, committed individuals can join forces in supporting one another in being fearless through the convenience of a telephone. If you would like to delve into specific Fearless Living concepts at a much deeper level, this may be just what you have been looking for. And supporting each other by phone is simple, easy and fun.
Phone 020 8940 2115

Amazon reviews on Fearless Living
It was my sister who put me onto Fearless Living. She had heard Rhonda Britten on the radio and as we were talking about me being afraid to do the things I really wanted to do in life, she remembered having heard Rhonda talk about fear. I went straight to Amazon and got the book. I was amazed; as I read the book it felt like Rhonda was talking to me personally. I had no idea how much fear had been a part of my life, it had literally been making my decisions. I now understand fear and have the tools to live from a place of freedom instead of fear. If you want to change your life get this book.

This book is brilliant! Easy step-by-step instructions that are helping me make huge changes in my thinking and life. I was the ultimate negative thinker, always saying 'I can't' and ' but...' I felt like life was wrong, yet couldn't put my finger on it. Now I live in the present and hear myself saying 'I can do that.'
Rhonda Britten's horrendous story really touched me (I cried when I read it.) She has put together the building blocks she used to overcome her experience and they apply to anyone who wants to overcome obstacles or make changes in their life, whatever the experience. Simple to follow on a daily basis, these steps have become part of my everyday life. I have more confidence and higher self-esteem than I've ever had and I now appreciate the lovely, little things that make my life what it is. If something is not quite right in life then this is a great book for self-discovery and permanent change.

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