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"You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation."

This section will soon be full of your ideas for new or revisited leisure activities. Have you taken up an unusual hobby or joined an interesting group?

'Most people are as happy as they make their mind up to be.' Abraham Lincoln

If you haven't already joined Gingerbread, then here are a few details as they are an excellent source of information for leisure activities and discounted holidays.Gingerbread is an organisation run by lone parents for lone parents. They offer lone parents practical and emotional support and speak out for them in the media and politics. Membership used to be £5 per year but is now free. But if you can afford to pay this, please do so voluntarily.

Their Advice Line offers confidential advice on anything from childcare to domestic violence, including benefits, education and housing. Or maybe you just want someone to talk to. Here you will find a sympathetic, listening ear. Their rule is "as long as it takes."

Phone: 0800 018 4318
9am to 5pm Mondays to Fridays.
If you prefer to receive advice by e-mail, then you can contact them at

Gingerbread also offers support groups all over England and Wales. These are great places to go with your children and there are many planned outings and social activities for adults. You will also receive some discount vouchers. Many excellent publications are also available.
Contact the phone number above or visit the Gingerbread website.

The website is well-planned and interactive with something for everyone. There is even a virtual Gingerbread where you can chat to people when you don't feel up to joining a local group. This may give you the confidence to do so.

'Since joining Gingerbread a year ago, we have gone out and done things that I would not have tried alone. My kids get out at weekends and enjoy it!'
What have you got to lose? Ring up and join. There is no need to be alone.

"Oh, I get by with a little help from my friends."
John Lennon

The Over-50's
Divorce does not only occur in young families; it is becoming more common in the over-50 age group. This can bring a special set of problems and can be quite isolating but help is at hand at This is a UK web site for those over 50 who want to enjoy life to the full. A wide variety of topics: health, travel, special events, retirement, dating, hobbies and much much more. Get out there and meet people, become who you wanted to be. Life is full of challenges and surprises but they won't come to us if we don't reach out and try new things.
If you have any other suggestions, please get in touch with us.

National Council for Divorced and Separated
This organisation aims to help people who have experienced divorce or separation and wish to find a new social life. It offers friendship and social events to help you achieve this. So if you are travelling down the road to recovery and feel up to making new friendships, check this group called NCDS at Please mention us when making contact.

Nothing to do with divorce, but U3A is an interesting group for retired and those approaching this stage. Low cost with specific interest groups such as gardening, Tai chi, languages and restaurant and theatre trips. Monthly meetings.

Need to exercise?
Your local sports centre is of course a good place to start and a safe way to meet people if you are on your own. If you have young children, they often supply creche facilities. Private clubs could be a good investment and one way to pamper yourself and feel better.
Pilates may be a good way to exercise if you have not done any exercise for some time. Read more about gentle form of exercise.
Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese form of exercise and meditation. Our own Barefoot Doctor is a master and teacher of this art. Read about him and see details of any courses and his video in his section in News and views.

Further ideas
Please refer to our Health section where you will find the Ramblers, gardening, theatre and concert topics.

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