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Old habits?
Do old habits die hard?

Some of us are so pleased to get this far on the divorce journey, that we fail to study our financial options and often lapse into old habits. Mistakes we may have made in the past may now come back to haunt us if we are not careful. Perhaps our attitude to this may have contributed to the breakdown of the marriage or maybe it was your partner's fault. It could be worthwhile revisiting some of these problems with a view to learning from your mistakes.

You may have reached a settlement that you did not want or plan for but there aren't many who leave with a perfect one. Whether you are on your own, with children or with a new partner, some financial planning may not go amiss.

Not coping financially?
It is always worth checking with your solicitor if your circumstances have changed and you are able to claim some financial support from your ex or when payments are not being met by him/her.

Find out about financial planning and why it is important?
Read about financial advisers

Use the Personal budget calculator at the Money Made Clear website and find out about Credit and Debt

Nearly everyone knows Martin's Money Saving site
Join others in trying to budget wisely and grab a bargain when you need one. Sign up for his newsletter too.

Also have a look at benefits. The system changes quite frequently, so it is a good idea to find out what you could receive. Gingerbread is an excellent charity with good information guides and helpline.

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