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We have collaborated with BBC Radio and TV stations including the BBC News, ITV, Channel 4, Sky, many independent TV companies, Fox News, many national newspapers and numerous national magazines. In print, we have appeared in Woman Magazine, Marie Claire and several others. Christina was also featured in Bliss, the teenage magazine. The Sunday Mail's You magazine has also featured us and we were also in the Mail's Financial Women's Forum. Recently, Divorce Aid has appeared in the Financial Times and the Observer. And, we made the front page of the Daily Telegraph on 30 August!

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Thinking about becoming a participant?
We are asked on a regular basis to advertise for people willing to be interviewed for national newspapers or magazines as well as for television participants. You must seriously consider the implications of any contribution on your part, especially if you are in the process of divorce.

Particular consideration should be given to arrangements for children as you would not want to hinder any agreements being made. You should also be reminded that you are not legally allowed to name, or cause to be named, any child who is the subject of family court proceedings.

One piece of advice would be to place yourself in your partner's position: How would you feel if your personal business were advertised in the press? Even if you do not have any contact with your partner or children at the moment, this could change with time and you should consider this carefully. It is quite common for severed relationships to be re-established even after a long period of silence.

Interviews for press articles are usually done by phone and a date set to be photographed at your home or location to be agreed. A small fee is standard practice and you may be given copies of your photos.

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