Media professionals

If you are requesting us to advertise for case studies or television participants, your details may be furnished below after due consideration. We do not file personal details of our enquirers as everything is in the strictest confidence but we do have a register of people who are willing to receive details of your appeals. If we have a current or past enquirer we think suitable, we will mention you to them.

Please kindly remember that exposure in the media may be detrimental to certain people, especially if they are in the process of separating or divorce. We ask you to use your judgment when interviewing especially if children are mentioned. If children are or have been subject to court proceedings, you are not allowed to name them or cause them to be identified by law.

We do ask that you agree to include some details about Divorce Aid, at least publishing the website address, in your article or programme. If we take time to discuss, edit and publish your appeal or share our research with you, we understand that you have agreed to these conditions. This very popular interactive seven day a week service is non-commercial.

Please tell us with some provisional details including an idea of timescale (due date and end date of appeals) and send by email. We would then ask you to send us your copy as per the examples in Media appeals.

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