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Good Housekeeping are looking for a case study of a 35+ woman for an article about bonds, and wondered if you could help.

We would like to speak to a woman who has become friends or has a good relationship with her ex’s new partner following their separation. The focus will be the joy of a blended family and how to establish these good bonds. Contact Ella Dove


Previous appeals

Did you get divorced in your 40s or 50s?
Would you and your ex be interested in talking about the reasons why you separated? If so, I'd love to hear from you. I'm writing a feature for the Saturday Times magazine on 'why we separated.' The idea is to feature three/four couples, and we'd like to interview and photograph both parties. Very happy for people to use the interview as an opportunity to promote businesses/websites/books etc.

Publication would be the end of September, interviews asap.

If you are interested please contact me -

Are you lonely?
‘Meet the Street’ is a new BBC series that tackles loneliness. Five BBC faces will go back to a street they grew up on to find out who lives there now, helping the street set up a real social network. Each self-contained episode is part of a larger campaign tied in with charities, designed to bring communities together by encouraging everyone to meet and interact with their neighbours regularly and volunteer and offer their time.

The areas we are focusing on are: -

  • Barrow In Furness
  • Kirkby Thore
  • Ammanford
  • Prittlewell, Southend on Sea.

The intended outcome of the campaign will be to help raise the profile/public awareness of the loneliness and have a positive impact on local communities we work with.

Within each episode we need to identify people who may need support and explore some of the issues they are facing, from which to build on and produce social networks, that  will compliment the resources already in place. So for example it could be as simple, as getting neighbours speaking and finding ways to pool their skills and resources to benefit the local community.

Initially we are looking for individuals who may have experienced or are experiencing loneliness and finding people who would be interested in taking part in the programme.  

Please contact us on: 0117 9335601

OR Email:

Are you aged 16 to 25?
Nerd TV makes documentaries and factual programmes for a wide range of channels including Channel 4, Channel 5, Sky and Discovery. We are looking for young people whose parents are going through a divorce, or who are living in a 'blended family' with their step-parents and siblings. 
We are currently making a series of short films for Channel 4's online hub 40D featuring interesting and honest young Brits questioning what it is to be "normal". Each 5 minute film sees one individual explore a burningly relevant theme by using a hand-held camera/phone to film a video log and dramatic, identity defining moments in their own life.

In one of the themes we are exploring family relationships, and are hoping to feature the subject of divorce, told through the eyes of a young person whose parents are going through it. We are looking for contributors age 16-25. Anyone who would like more information should contact Kate Pumfrey at Nerd TV/Divorce Aid or on 020 7043 0080 as soon as possible mentioning Divorce Aid.


Young adults' views on parents' divorce
I'm writing an article for Glamour magazine about the impact of parental divorce on grown-up children. Were you in your 20s/30s when your parents split? Would you be willing to talk about your experience? Participation would involve a short telephone chat or questions answered via email. You can remain anonymous if preferred. Please email Glamour Mag/Divorce Aid
Deadline: 1 November

National newspaper - women's section
Is divorce contagious?
I would like to hear from women who were encouraged by their friends or work associates' own marriage break-ups to take action themselves and leave failing marriages. I need to find three women who are part of a group who find themselves divorcing or separating at the same time, or who have gone through the process together.

This is about how women who find the strength to leave unsatisfactory marriages can inspire those close to them to do the same, or or who have found support from others going through the same experience.
Please contact Lisa by using this email link and give brief details: Lisa/contagious divorce You are under no obligation.
Published 16/09/2013

National newspaper magazine
Journalist is looking to speak to women who have gone back to work because of divorce - either because they feared divorce during their marriage or after divorce because they neeed financial independence. Can you help?

Lorraine Show on ITV - Urgent appeal for Thursday 18 July
We are trying to find a teenager or a young adult who has been affected by their parents divorcing at that stage in their life. You may now be aged 25 to 30.

We are hoping to do an item about this on our show on Thursday which would potentially involve doing an interview live on our show at our studios based on the Southbank.

BBC2 documentary needs you ***
If you missed this, please try BBC iPlayer at It is an excellent down to earth programme through older children's eyes. Very moving.Well done Rare Day/BBC2! And thank you for the pre-screening invitation.

Rare Day is making a documentary for BBC2 about the experience of parents splitting up, explored from the young persons view.
The intention is to make an intelligent, sensitive and though-provoking single documentary for BBC2.

We’re looking for parents with children aged 12-21 who have separated, or are doing so at the moment, and who might be interested in talking to us.
We hope that filming will be a positive and empowering experience for the people involved. Olly is making this film because he vividly remembers the divorce of his parents when he was 14.He really wants to explore the experience from the perspective of a child, not just to understand it, but to demystify it and see how these experience can be learned from.

Rare Day has extensive experience of working responsibly with young people and their families. We take our duty of care very seriously and have strict guidelines which are designed to protect the people we work with.
For more information about our company please visit Rare Day

BBC Newsround - urgent
BBC Newsround is a news programme for children about children. We are currently researching a special film for our audience all about Divorce and the presenter; Hayley Cutts, is looking to speak to children under the age of 14  about their experiences going through a divorce.  
Because of the sensitivity of the subject we can guarantee anonymity for the  children and would not feature their names or any personal details.
We aim to show both the positive and perhaps not so positive sides of divorce and also the various help and advice out there for children

Did you, a woman, see your ex at your child's wedding?
A national woman's magazine is looking to speak with women who about the experience of attending their child's/wedding and seeing their ex husband there. The interview will involve 30 minutes on the phone, you will have approval of the story before it is published and you will also receive a fee for your time.

How infidelity really feels - Fabulous magazine
I'm writing a piece for Fabulous magazine about the wide-ranging effects of infidelity on different people. I am particularly looking to speak to a woman whose husband was unfaithful, about the practical and emotional repercussions - from feeling complete powerlessness to being forced to deal with all the admin around a divorce. I am also looking to speak to the daughter, aged 18 or over, of someone (mum or dad) who was unfaithful.

Debt and divorce: Still living together?
I'm working on a feature for a national Woman's magazine about how divorce can get us into debt and I'd like to speak with a woman who is still living with her ex-husband because she cannot afford not to. This will be an honest, open piece about the little-known practical difficulties surrounding a divorce. The interview can be done over the phone and you will have permission of the quotes used before the feature goes to press.

Did you divorce because your husband cheated on you?
I'm a feature writer for Take a Break magazine and I'm looking for divorced women who left their husbands because he cheated. This would be for a possible first-person feature in the magazine. Take a Break is the biggest selling women's weekly magazine in the UK, so this could be a good opportunity for someone to share their experience with millions of other women.

An interviewee would need to be happy about being pictured and named in the feature. If you were to tell your story in Take a Break, you would receive a full read back before publication and the opportunity to change anything you weren't completely happy with. We would also pay you after publication as a thank you for your time.

Are you a woman who is or has kept your divorce secret?
I'm working on a feature for a national Woman's magazine about the psychology of a separation and I'd like to speak with a woman who kept her divorce a secret from friends/family/children for a while before telling everyone. The interview can be done over the phone and you will have permission of the quotes used before the feature goes to press.

Women with divorce regrets
I’m looking for a divorced woman who would be happy to tell her story for a possible first-person feature in the Daily Mail.

The woman needs to be in her 50's or 60's and to have divorced later in life (i.e after the children have left home). Despite being sure this was the right thing to do at the time, she now has regrets about getting divorced. Perhaps she misses the companionship she had come to rely on, the support of her husband or the shared financial burden.

A working mum who has lost residence of her child/childen
A top women's magazine is looking to speak to a woman who lost residence ( custody ) of her children in a divorce because she was a working mum, and her husband argued that she worked too many hours to care for their child/children.
Age-wise she'd be 39 or under, and we'd need her to be pictured.
The feature will be handled very sensitively and sympathetically, and we can read the piece back to her before it goes to press to make sure she's happy with it.
We can also pay her a fee to say thanks for taking the time to speak to us.  

Young divorcees documentary for the BBC 
We at Minnow Films are looking to speak to a young man or woman who is going through a divorce, trialing a separation or has recently divorced for a BBC documentary development.  We are a BAFTA winning team who are ultimately looking to make an intelligent, sensitive and considered film on the subject and hope to incorporate a wide variety of voices.

Have you been married three times?
A top women's weekly magazine is urgently looking to speak to a woman (age in her 30's) who has been married three times or more, or who is about to marry for the third time. We're looking for someone who finds herself falling in love easily and for whom the next logical step is always marriage. 
Please note the feature will be handled very sensitively and we can offer a fee to the case study. 

Still living with your ex?
I'm writing a feature for Woman magazine about women who are continuing to live with their partners after divorce, because they can't afford to move out straight away. This is something more and more couples are doing with their incomes being stretched further in the recession, and having spent their savings getting divorced.

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