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Wendy Hopkins Family Law Practice LLP
13 Windsor Place
CF10 3BY

Contact: Melanie Hamer

Telephone: 029 20342233
Fax: 029 20343828

Geographical areas covered: South Wales, South West, UK

Legal aid: Yes
Mediation: No
Collaborative law: Yes
Disabled access: Yes

Heads of Family team:
Melanie Hamer / Thea Hughes/ Rhian Howells/David James
Family team members: Sarah Wyburn, Kate Edwards, Lorraine Watts, Liz Williams, Claire Cooper
Resolution members: Most of the above Family Team
Resolution areas of expertise: Children and finances
Specialist panel memberships: Law Society Advanced Panel, Children’s Panel.

Other departments: Wills, Probate.

About us

Wendy Hopkins Family Law Practice was founded on 1st May 1996 as the first law firm in Wales devoted entirely to family law.

We are a specialist law firm offering expert advice and assistance in all aspects of divorce, separation and family matters. We offer a broad knowledge and years of experience of the whole range of family law issues.

We consider with you how best to resolve the issue and help you to achieve your aims.

When considering children matters, we aim to assist you in resolving matters in a way that reflects the best interests of the children.

We can help you in preparing agreements to reflect what you would wish to happen should your relationship break down and we can help you deal with any litigation arising either from divorce or break down of a relationship.

We also provide services for the elderly having special individually tailored programmes which include advice on Wills, Powers of Attorney, tax and a wide range of legal issues affecting the elderly.

The Firm is regularly recommended in legal publications based on independent research. Chambers ranks the firm in the top tier stating, "The firm, in its current form, is said to house a team that is "thorough." One market source observed: 'If I ever get divorced, I hope they don't act against me.' The group has a raft of promising younger practitioners coming through the ranks. The firm's mainstay is acting for high net worth individuals, although mid-range matters and legal aid are also dealt with, and childcare also features."

Wendy Hopkins Family Law Practice prides itself on the service it provides. It is committed to Resolution's code of practice and this includes dealing with matters in a non-adversarial way.

Chambers and Partners 2012
This boutique firm houses one of the largest specialist family teams in Wales. It is particularly adept in large and complex ancillary relief cases, often involving international dimensions. Clients include wealthy businessmen and other high net worth professionals. Sources say: "They are very professional in the way they deal with things, they don't take the aggressive approach. It is a very prompt and responsive group."

Family Law Q & A

My wife and I want to get divorced. Can we apply for a “quickie” divorce?
There is no such thing as a “quickie” divorce. The process is the same for everyone in England and Wales, regardless of their financial background or arrangements that are made for the children.

If a couple are splitting up, their divorce will usually take between 3-6 months to complete. Each case is different, but there is no special “quickie” procedure to make things go faster. In most cases, there is a delay while people agree what should happen with the finances, the house, and any savings and bank accounts.

But I’ve heard about celebrities getting quickie divorces?

This is inaccurate reporting. Whenever a celebrity couple’s marriage breaks up, the media usually uses the term “quickie divorce” to refer to attendance at court. In the main divorce proceedings, if matters are agreed, no-one needs to attend court. This is the “five minute hearing” that’s often mentioned – it refers to pronouncement of decree nisi, which is often not controversial.

What about companies on the Internet who say they can sort out the divorce in a couple of days?

There are companies who offer a “quick divorce” service. This is rather misleading. These “divorces” may be fully recognised in the UK, but they are unlikely to deal with any financial disputes or arrangements for the children, which are often the aspects of divorce which people need assistance with.

It’s important to remember that the process of actually getting divorced in the UK is quite mechanical and straightforward – if the costs are agreed between you, then you each only need to fill in a couple of forms, and there’s no need for either of you to ever attend court. It’s when arrangements regarding children or money have not been agreed that a divorce can take longer. Arguments over these things can add a considerable amount of time to a case, but it is vital to make sure these matters are agreed so that you protect your financial position and have a clear structure of contact and arrangements for the children.

We can explain all this in more detail - if you would like some more information about getting divorced, then please give us a call on (029) 2034 2233, or alternatively e-mail us at, and we will do our best to help you.
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