Josiah-Lake Gardiner Solicitors

Josiah-Lake Gardiner Solicitors

Josiah-Lake Gardiner Solicitors
5 chancery Lane, (4th Floor)

Contact: Margaret Kelly
Telephone: 0203 053 3546

Legal aid: No
Mediation: Yes
Collaborative law: Yes
Arbitration: Yes

Special Initial Interview Offer: The first 30 Minutes of any meeting is free. Meetings can be arranged early in the morning or evening to fit around work commitments.

Head of Family Team: David Josiah-Lake and Rebecca Gardiner

Family Team Members: David Josiah-Lake, Rebecca Gardiner, Margaret Kelly, Corrine Parke and Bryan Reed

Resolution Accredited Members in Family Law: All our solicitors are accredited in Family Law
Accredited Areas of Expertise: Divorce, Financial disputes between separating couples, (including those involving substantial assets and overseas property) children disputes (including disputes as to where children should live or go to school) Prenuptial/pre-civil partnership agreements, post nuptial/civil partnership agreements.

Specialist Panel Memberships: Rebecca Gardiner is an accredited expert in freezing injunctions and complex financial matters. Margaret Kelly is an accredited expert in complex financial matters and disputes about children David Josiah-Lake is a member of the Law Society Family Law Panel and a New York State Attorney

David Josiah-Lake, Margaret Kelly and Corinne Parke are trained collaborative lawyers, Margaret Kelly is a mediator and arbitrator

Other departments: None. We are a niche practice

About The Firm

Based in the heart of the legal world you will find 5 dedicated hardworking talented and experienced family practitioners. They have a wealth of experience in dealing with relationship breakdown. Each one is very aware of the trauma felt at the time of relationship breakdown and the challenge for the client to reach good decisions when they are often experiencing pain and anger.

As well as providing top notch legal advice the members of the team are empathetic and work with other professionals to provide a holistic approach to ensure that each client receives the services they require.

Whilst the approach of the professionals at Josiah-Lake Gardiner is conciliatory and constructive. They are all very capable of acting robustly in pursuing or opposing injunctions where necessary.

What others say

David, Once again thanks very much for acting for me and if I know of anyone in my particular position who needs the services of an excellent Solicitor I will certainly recommend you.

Rebecca, Thank you once again for your professionalism, warmth, humour and support during the last two years I am so glad that Jane recommended you.

Margaret – I am so grateful for your kind support, patience, compassion, guidance and the meticulous work you undertook on my behalf since 11 January 2012. (October 2013)

David Josiah-Lake Gardiner Rebecca Gardiner Corinne Parke Bryan Reed Margaret Kelly

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