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Child support in Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland has a separate agency.
See: The Child Maintenance and Enforcement Division

Northern Ireland divorce law
Divorce in Northern Ireland is similar in some ways to the system in England and Wales and you should always consult your own solicitor. In "The Which? Guide to Divorce", there is a separate chapter on this which highlights some of the differences.

Divorce solicitors in Northern Ireland

See Divorce Solicitors Northern Ireland
If you require a family lawyer, please use the following email link and state your nearest large town, full name and whether you require legal aid: Divorce Solicitor Northern Ireland

Other useful links are:
Citizen's Advice Northern Ireland with their advice guide for families:
Northern Ireland Divorce Advice


Divorce law in Ireland
If your marriage has broken down

If your marriage has broken down, and you fulfil certain conditions, you can then apply for a divorce. In Ireland, you are not legally required to use a solicitor or a barrister. In fact, if you wish, you can choose to represent yourself. However, there may be complex issues such as custody of and access to children, maintenance, tax and property law associated with your case, which may make it very difficult to apply for a divorce without any professional help.

If you and your spouse disagree about any issue at all
If you disagree, for example, who should have custody of the children, who will own the family home or working out maintenance payments, it is strongly advised that you go to see a family law solicitor. You and your spouse should not use the same solicitor.

You will probably need help from a family lawyer to separate/divorce
See: Divorce Solicitors in Ireland or contact us for assistance ussing this link: Irish divorce help

Help with legal costs
You may be entitled to inexpensive legal advice and representation from the Legal Aid Board. If you successfully apply for a divorce in Ireland, you will then obtain a Decree of Divorce. This will legally dissolve your marriage and allow either spouse to remarry if they choose.
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Divorce procedures in Ireland
The following articles are also available on the Irish Government website developed by Citizens Information

Applying for a civil annulment of marriage
It's possible in Ireland to apply for a civil annulment of your marriage. Grounds on which you may be able to obtain a civil annulment and how to apply.

Applying for a divorce in Ireland
To apply for a divorce in Ireland, you must submit certain documents to Court. Find out about how to apply, the steps involved and the the implications of a Decree of Divorce.

Applying for a judicial separation
If you wish to apply for a judicial separation in Ireland, you are required to submit certain documents to Court. Find out how to apply and the implications of a Decree of Judicial Separation.

Barring, Safety and Protection Orders
Irish law provides protection for those living in violent situations in the home. Find out how barring, safety and protection orders apply.

Capital Gains Tax following Separation/Divorce in Ireland
Synopsis of the impact of separation/divorce on capital taxes - capital gains tax, capital acquisitions tax and stamp duty

Consequences of a civil annulment of marriage
This document discusses the legal consequences of having your marriage annulled by a court in Ireland.

Divorce decrees in Ireland
A divorce decree in Ireland allows both parties to a marriage to remarry. Special conditions must be met however, before a court can grant a divorce.

Factors Considered by a Court in Judicial Separation or Divorce
What are the factors considered by a court in making ancillary orders in an application for a decree of judicial separation or divorce in Ireland?

Family Home Protection Act
The Family Home Protection Act prohibits the sale or re-mortgage of a family home in Ireland without the written consent of both partners. This however, is not the case for unmarried couples. Find out more.

Family Home in Ireland
What is considered to be a family home in Ireland? Find out the orders can be made by the courts in relation to the family home in Ireland.

Family Mediation Service
Family Mediation Service is a free service in Ireland that assists separating couples co-operate with each other to work out mutually acceptable arrangements. How this service may help you.

How pensions are assessed during a separation or divorce
Courts in Ireland have the power to treat pensions as assets. How pensions are divided and explanation of pension adjustment orders.

Judicial Separation in Ireland
Applications for a judicial separation in Ireland are made to the court. Find out what a judicial separation means, how to apply for it and how it works.

Legal Options following Marital Breakdown
An introduction to the legal options following marital breakdown in Ireland is presented.

Maintenance and Tax
This document discusses the tax treatment in Ireland of maintenance payments made by one spouse to another.

Maintenance orders and agreements in Ireland
Explanation of procedures involved in an application for a maintenance order in Ireland.

Mediated Agreement
A description of mediation and its role in separation in Ireland is provided.

Nullity of marriage in Ireland
Nullity of marriage in Irish law means that a court has declared that your supposed marriage is null and void. Find out more.

Separation Agreements in Ireland
Married couples in Ireland that agree to live separately may enter into a separation agreement. Find out what this means and why this is legally binding.

Separation and Divorce: Children
Information on the implications for guardianship, custody and access to children in Ireland following separation and divorce.

Succession rights following a separation/divorce
In Ireland, succession rights are governed by law. Find out how separation/divorce affects your succession rights.

Taxation following Separation and Divorce
Synopsis of the income tax provisions following Separation/Divorce

Irish Legal Aid Board
Quay Street
Co. Kerr.
Tel: (066) 947 1000
Fax: (066) 947 1035
The Legal Aid service operates out of law centres staffed by qualified solicitors.

Free Legal Advice Centres (FLAC)
13 Lower Dorset Street
Dublin 1.
Tel: (01) 874 5690
Fax: (01) 874 5320

Irish Family Lawyers Association
Jane Barron, B.L.,
Law Library,
Four Courts,
Dublin 7.
Tel. +353-1-702 4982
Fax +353-1-872 0455

Citizens Information Centres
They are registered with and supported by Comhairle
Visit Comhairle to find your nearest CIC.
Dublin (main office) - telephone 00 3531 605 9000 Open 9 to 5pm except for 1-2pm lunch.

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