There are many sources of legal information and we have highlighted some of them In this section. But we would again like to recommend that you get hold of a copy of 'The Which? Guide to Divorce,' details of which are in our Books section. This is an excellent reference book in easy to understand language and discusses most of the common areas you are likely to need.

Feeling lost?
It is so easy to get lost in the legal system, to get bogged down in small details and to find yourself emotionally drained and exhausted. It is good to inform yourself but there comes a time when you must entrust your case to your solicitor, weighing up his advice and making your decisions accordingly. Contact us if you don't know where to seek the proper advice for your case. You are not alone. See our Contact us page.

Just concentrating on legal problems?
We hope that the articles In this section together with our Financial one are helpful to you. If you have skipped Emotions, Children/Parents or Health, perhaps now is a good time to visit these. All these areas are interconnected in the divorce process and the more understanding you have, the easier agreement should become. From speaking to a solicitor, checking on legal funding and to looking at court documents, there are people to help you here. From mediation to support groups, you are not alone and it will get better. Please kindly mention Divorce Aid as a source of your contact with any of these agencies.

"Oh, I get by with a little help from my friends." John Lennon

Citizens Advice Bureaux
For on-line advice and information, access the Citizen's Advice website. For free and confidential advice, search the CAB directory for your nearest bureau. It includes advice by e-mail, text phone facilities, details on languages offered and specialist services. CAB websites also give information about local services.

Citizens Advice Bureaux give free, confidential, impartial and independent advice on a limitless range of subjects, including debt, benefits, housing, legal matters, employment, immigration and consumer issues. CABx are open to everyone regardless of race, gender, sexuality or disability. If you are seeking advice you can find on-line information at the advice guide website.

To contact your nearest CAB write, drop-in or telephone during opening hours. Some bureaux can offer advice by email if you are in their locality. CAB websites also give information about local services. CABx are only able to advise people who live in their local vicinity. Please try to contact the bureau which is nearest to you. Please mention us to them.

Gingerbread is an organisation, run by lone parents, whose aim is to offer other lone parents practical and emotional support. Gingerbread also speaks out for us in the media and politics.

Their Advice Line offers confidential advice on anything from childcare to domestic violence, including benefits, education and housing. Or maybe you just want someone to talk to. Here you will find a sympathetic, listening ear. Their rule is "as long as it takes."

Phone: 0800 018 4318
9am to 5pm Mondays to Fridays.
If you prefer to receive advice by e-mail, contact them at:
They stress that this is not an emergency e-mail service as replies can take up to 5 working days.

Gingerbread also offers support groups all over England and Wales. These are great places to go with your children and there are many planned outings and social activities for adults. You will also receive some discount vouchers. Many excellent publications are also available.

Contact the phone number above or visit:

The website is well-planned and interactive with something for everyone. There is even a virtual Gingerbread where you can chat to people when you don't feel up to joining a local group. This may give you the confidence to do so.

'Since joining Gingerbread a year ago, we have gone out and done things that I would not have tried alone. My kids get out at weekends and enjoy it!'
What have you got to lose? Ring up and join. There is no need to be alone.
Please say you found them via Divorce Aid.

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