'We don't know when you might need us.

That's why we're open 24 hours a day.'

Samaritans are there for you 24 hours a day and seven days a week. They provide confidential emotional support for you if you are experiencing any feelings of distress or despair, including those which may lead to suicide.

Call 08457 90 90 90

If you are worried, confused or upset, Samaritans are always there for you, even in the middle of the night. For as long as it takes, Samaritans will be there for you. You can make contact by phone, email, text or letter. There are also many local centres where you can visit.

Common reasons to call Samaritans are:

  • Relationship and family problems
  • Loss, including loss of a job, a friend or a family member through bereavement
  • Financial worries
  • Job-related stress or overwork
  • College or study related stress
  • Body image issues

'One night, around 2am, I phoned Samaritans.'
A young woman spoke to me but I just didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t talk about what was happening. So she asked me what I’d done that day and gradually I was able to tell her my story. As I was talking I began to feel a sense of relief as it all came out. When I came off the phone after an hour I was overwhelmed by a feeling of peace and was able to go straight to sleep. 

It helped so much that I called back the following night. I spoke to a few different volunteers over the next two weeks. It was the same story every night; I just needed to tell someone about it all. They were brilliant, absolutely brilliant.
~ A Samaritans caller

I felt so alone just before dawn; I was very low
My husband had left me and I just felt so worthless. I had spoken to my friends but I didn't want to be a pain and wake them up. I felt like a tiny dot of sand.
Before I knew it, I heard a voice and realised I had called Samaritans.

They are just there for you and I never felt alone again as I started to sort myself out. Thank you Samaritans whoever you are.

Phoning Samaritans
In the UK dial 08457 90 90 90, for the cost of a local call.
In the Republic of Ireland dial 1850 60 90 90, for the cost of a local call.
Many of their branches also offer local branch numbers. You can also find their details in the phone book or your telephone operator can put you through.

Samaritans in Ireland

Armed Forces in Germany
For members of the Armed Forces in Germany, call 0800 181 0721 or 0800 181 0722 to connect to a Samaritans Branch in the UK.

Textphones (for the deaf and hard of hearing)
In the UK dial 08457 90 91 92
In the Republic of Ireland dial 1850 60 90 91

International numbers
In 40 countries, over 350 autonomous centres affiliated to Befrienders International provide confidential listening and befriending services for the suicidal and those in emotional crisis. Full details of Befrienders International, its centres and services, are available on their website.
See www.befrienders.org

Can I use email?
Yes, the email address is jo@samaritans.org

Can I just write to them?
If you are in crisis and need to write about how you are feeling, you can write to Samaritans at:

PO Box 90 90

Do they have a website?
Yes, there's a lot of useful information there.
Visit www.samaritans.org for more details.

How Samaritans may help you

Do they have local branches?
Yes, you can also visit a Samaritans branch.
There are around 200 of them.

'I phoned them just before dawn when my husband left me. I couldn't wake anyone up again but I needed to hear someone's voice. What a comfort when I heard him answer. Samaritans are always there for me and anyone else. Thank you so much.'

Samaritans give you the time and space to find a way through.

Thank you Samaritans for your support and thanks from all our visitors who have found comfort and support in their times of distress.

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