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Tell me about Relate
Relate is an independent counselling organisation in the UK with many years of experience in helping, supporting and empowering people in relationships. It works with people irrespective of their age, race, gender, marital status or sexual orientation. A psychosexual therapy service is also offered at some of its centres. There is also a very important counselling service for the 11 to 18 year olds whose parents are in conflict or going through divorce at over a third of its centres. Relationship, parenting, divorce recovery and training courses are also run.

Does relate have any other services?
Yes, lots

Relate services extend beyond couple counselling to family counselling, counselling for young people, online counselling, sex therapy and relationship skills workshops. Relate works in schools, primary care settings, prisons, and with local authorities on homelessness prevention services.

How can I contact Relate?
On calling 0300 1000 1234 people can find out about local services, book an appointment, access telephone or online counselling or find out about other agencies that can help them.

When can I phone them?
This new 0300 1000 1234 number is available:
Monday .......8am until 10pm
Tuesday ......8am until 10pm
Wednesday..8am until 10pm
Thursday .....8am until 10pm
Friday ..........8am until 5pm
Saturday .....9am until 5pm
Sunday .......midday until 8pm

(0300 numbers are charged at the normal national rate and mobiles are charged for calls to a national landline number)

relate website
The relate website is at www.relate.org.uk

If you are in touch with them, please say you found them via Divorce Aid.

The Divorce Aid Team thanks relate for their continued support.

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