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Tell me about Marriage Care
As a marriage support organisation, Marriage Care has a very definite stake in marriage and all adult long-term relationships. We are concerned with the institution of marriage and its meaning in today's society, as well as the quality of individual committed adult relationships. We help people prepare for, achieve and sustain successful marriages and to support them should they experience marital breakdown.

It is a registered charity which operates throughout England & Wales with 54 Centres and over 80 counselling locations and 300 professionally trained counsellors, supervised and receive in house training. With over sixty years experience, it has now developed a major strength in couple counselling.

Marriage Care in England and Wales

Terry Prendergast
Terry Prendergast, its Chief Executive based at the Hammersmith national office, says that although the organisation is Christian based, it is open to anyone who needs its services. The unique aspect here is that counselling is that there is no fixed charge but there is a cost to provide the service and contributions towards these costs are welcome.

Marriage Care
What is their philosophy?
As mentioned, there is a Christian base to the philosophy and values of Marriage Care and their counsellors adhere to this. The approach is holistic which means that it concentrates on the development of the whole person. You are therefore able to express and explore your feelings whether they are of an emotional, intellectual, sexual or spiritual nature.

How can I find a counsellor?

Contact details are given below and you can also search via their website at www.marriagecare.org.uk

You can search for your local centre by entering your post code. Then ring up and book your first appointment; you can be sure of an understanding voice.

Is there a helpline?
If you need to speak to someone urgently, you can phone their national helpline.
This is charged at the local rate and is open Monday to Friday from 10am to 4pm. Tel: 0845 660 6000 If you are in touch with them, please say you found them via Divorce Aid.

What are the helpline's aims?
It aims to provide a listening and information service for people facing difficulties in their marriage, families or close personal relationships. Its purpose is to give callers time and space to explore a range of relationship issues within the safe bounds of a confidential telephone conversation. The helpline is staffed by specially trained volunteers who receive ongoing support and regular supervision. They are certainly very professional and friendly. The service is offered on a non-judgmental basis to the whole community.

Marriage Care
1 Blythe Mews
Blythe Road
London W14 0NW
020 73711431

Thanks to you and your staff, Terry, for providing this caring service and many thanks for your ongoing support.

Scottish Marriage Care
Scottish Marriage Care provides relationship counselling to couples and individuals all over Scotland and is celebrating 40 years of supporting families with relationship counselling.

What do they provide?
They provide a specialist professional counselling service to the whole community, delivered in local centres throughout Scotland.

Who can use their services?
Scottish Marriage Care relationship counselling services are for those who are married, living together, living apart, divorced or separated. Their counselling services are offered without judgement or discrimination on any grounds - they will see you whatever your race, sexual orientation, religion, personal beliefs, or social background.

Where do they have offices?
They deliver marriage and relationship counselling for couples and individuals directly from sixteen locations throughout Scotland.

Do they provide courses?
Yes, they offer 'FOCCUS', 'REFOCCUS' and relationship skills courses across Scotland.

Contact them at:
72 Waterloo Street Glasgow G2 7DA
Phone: 0141 222 2166
Web: www.scottishmarriagecare.org

Ireland North and South
ACCORD - Catholic marriage service
They have fifty-seven centres throughout Ireland both North and South, more than 800 members trained to the highest standards who provide clients with a professional and ethical, educational and counselling service in a safe and non judgemental environment.
Their services are available to all.

ACCORD Central Office Columba Centre Maynooth Co Kildare
Phone: 01-5053112
Website: www.accord.ie

Reach out and find some help. You are not alone.

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