If you are aged from 13 to 19, you can speak to someone at Connexions Direct on any day of the week, yes - that includes weekends.
Call 080 800 13-2-19.
They are open from 8am to 2am.
You can ask them to call you back or you can text them on 077664 13-2-19.

There's also web chat and email
You have to fill out a short form for the email service but you don't have to give your personal details. Replies to email can take 2 working days - see their website for a current estimated reply time. If you need immediate advice or help, phone their helpline or one of the other 24/7 helplines listed above. Check out their website at https://www2.cxdirect.com/home.htm

This service is totally confidential unless you or another young person is in danger or at risk of serious harm. If you are in touch with them, please say you found them via Divorce Aid.

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