They still love you

But they have not forgotten you; you are not loved any less
Many of your feelings and emotions are commonplace; many of these are shared by other members of the family too.
Perhaps the problem is that you are bottling up your feelings and not talking about them, feeling scared and too confused to discuss things.

Reach out to your parents and tell them how you feel
If you are unable to do this, speak to another adult or friend.
You could speak to another member of your family; your grandparents, aunt or cousin for example.

Do you have a teacher who you trust or a youth worker?
Do you have a place of worship?
You could speak to someone there.

Do you know any other people your age whose parents have split up?
Even if you don't know them, they could give you some friendly advice.
They will know how you are feeling as they may have experienced similar feelings and worries.

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