Parents splitting up?

Don't want to talk about it yet?
Normally both your parents are there for you.
This is especially important as you are a teenager and you are striving to become independent.

Home is your base and it is here that you feel safe.
Your parents are the adults and you are still the child.
Home is where you can replenish depleted supplies of emotional energy, restore battered self-esteem, behave a bit like a younger child for a while, gather your courage and then venture back out seeking independence and your own emotional relationships.

All the while, you know that you can retreat back home. You are loved and welcomed.

Mistakes can be put right
Mistakes are made but you have all the time in the world.
You are the centre of your parents' universe.

And then, surprise! Your parents are splitting up.

This should be just a temporary thing as your family readjusts itself and you all re-establish your connections to each other. Hang on in there.
There's always someone to talk to.

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