Being harmed

Do you feel as though someone may harm you or your parents are fighting?

If you do not feel safe, phone 0808 800 5000 now

Do not wait. Do it now!

This is 24/7.
If you, or a parent or someone else in your family, is in immediate danger, dial 999.

It does not matter who is harming you, please make contact now. You have the right to feel safe and secure. No-one has the right to harm you, either by physically hurting you or by saying things which make you feel unsafe and frightened. There are always people ready to help you, day or night. They are the experts and they have the power to protect you. This is the NSPCC.

Reach out now
Dial 0808 800 5000 You are not alone.

If you are witnessing violence at home, you can check out a new website to get help, advice and information. It's not your fault and you are not alone. www.thehideout.org.uk
If, at any time in the future, you need to talk to someone about these issues, or if you are worried about self-harming, you can also dial the same number to talk about your feelings or concerns. They are always there for you.

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