Divorce help for Teenagers

How do you feel? Confused?Angry?Sad?

Is this normal?How can you feel better?

Who can help?Who can I talk to?

Who can help teenagers and young adults when parents divorce or separate?
There's quite a lot of help out there if you know where to look:
Several helplines - some which are 24/7.
You can even speak to young people who have been trained to help you.

Many services now come under the umbrella of ChildLine

Perhaps this Blink 182 track will help?
Stay together for the kids (opens music)

BBC2 documentary needs you
Rare Day is making a documentary for BBC2 about the experience of parents splitting up, explored from your point of view.
We’re looking for people aged 12-21 whose parents have separated, or are doing so at the moment.
The intention is to make an intelligent, sensitive and though-provoking single documentary for BBC2.
It is being directed by the lovely, award-winning director, Olly Lambert who has personal experience in this area.

If this sounds like you, and you'd like the chance to tell your story from your point of view, please email BBC Doc/DivorceAid and I will be in touch. All conversations are confidential and there will be no obligation to take part in any filming.

If you are under 18, we’ll need to speak first to a parent or guardian to make sure that they are happy for us to talk to you.

Rare Day has extensive experience of working responsibly with young people and their families. We take our duty of care very seriously and have strict guidelines which are designed to protect the people we work with.
For more information about our company please visit Rare day

Found a resource that we haven't listed or any suggestions?
Or if you can't find what you are looking for then contact us at: office@divorceaid.co.uk
If you are in contact with any of these helpful people, please remember to say that you found them via Divorce Aid. Thanks.
So, don't bottle things up. Speak to someone who understands.

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