Leaflets to download for children and parents in divorce

CAFCASS (Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service) have produced some new leaflets to help children when their parents are going through separation/divorce.

Divorce Aid is grateful to CAFCASS for including our details in the
children and older children leaflets.

Looking at the children's sheets will make it easier to see things through their eyes. If you have teenagers or young adults, please read more in their own section.

Please note
March 2012
These two children's leaflets children's are now out of print, once again due to government cutbacks but you may still download and print them.

My Family's Changing
The 'My Family's Changing' leaflets are designed to offer help and support to children whose parents are divorcing or separating. They include ideas from other children who have been through similar experiences, games, spaces for children to write down and explore their feelings and details of organisations that can offer further help.

The leaflets are available in two age ranges:
Below 12 and over 12 as below.

My Family's Changing - Younger Children
For Children Under 12

Author: Cafcass (Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service)
Published May 2008
Download leaflet

My Family's Changing - Older Children
For Children Over 12

Author: Cafcass (Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service)
Published May 2008
Download leaflet

Parenting Plans
Parenting Plans - Putting Your Children First A Guide for Separating Parents
Author: Cafcass (Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service)
Publisher: TSO (The Stationery Office) April 2007

'Parenting Plans' is designed to help parents and other relatives to reach agreement about contact arrangements for their children following parental separation and divorce.

'Parenting Plans' covers the issues to consider in making contact arrangements, includes case studies showing how people have resolved issues to agree contact arrangements, and provides a list of organisations that can be called upon for further advice and help. As this is a substantial document, 44 pages, we would recommend ordering your free copy and one for your spouse or partner.
Download PDF copy of Parenting Plans
Order a free copy of Parenting Plans


Time for Children
This booklet provides advice and information for parents on how to arrange positive contact between parents and children.
Click on:
Child contact after separation or divorce

This leaflet is also available in Arabic, Bengali, Cantonese, French, Gujarati, Hindi, Kurdish, Lithuanian, Mandarin, Polish, Portugese, Punjabi, Romanian, Turkish and Urdu. Use the following link and then see bottom right of the page for
links to each language: Divorce Aid/Time for children/languages
You will then need to print off your copy.


Resources from Australia
If you remember that foreign resources do not include the same legal/financial information as English law or sources of help, they can be very useful for general tips. We list some below:

Me and my changing family - Moving forward
Tips on moving forward after separation
This is a very useful leaflet from the Australian CSA, full of advice and thoughtful topics on all its 60 pages.
Download leaflet There are other leaflets in the series which we shall try to include soon.

Dealing with separation Produced by the Australian CSA with the help of The Learning Group. Copyright of the Commonwealth of Australia, and reproduced under permission of the Commonwealth.
Please note that the law is different in Australia and you will need to seek advice according to your jurisdiction.

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