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Help and advice for children in divorce

You MUST remember these things:

Your Mum and Dad still LOVE YOU.

They will ALWAYS LOVE YOU, no matter where you all live.

They are not splitting up because of anything that you have done.

You may feel sad or upset but you will feel better.

Always talk to your Mum or Dad or another adult you can trust in the family.

BBC Children's Newsround
If you watch Newsround and your parents are going through divorce or have been divorced, would you like to help us?
We prefer you to be under 14 and you will of course need to show this to your parents to see if it would be something they would like to do.
Your parents can see further information about this at BBC Newsround Appeal

Special programme on Divorce for children aged 6 to 12.
You can still see a much earlier programme on the Newsround site
There are some sources of help, including Divorce Aid. You can also email us with any questions Newsround divorce questions

Read through this section for other people to talk to, where you can get help, leaflets, books and you can email someone who will tell you what you can do. we also have some cool websites and some fun online games.

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