You are not alone

Your mum and dad still love you and so does everyone else.
Just because your parents may be splitting up doesn't mean that everything will change. It just means that there may be some changes in how and where you all live. Your parents may decide to live in different houses but you will still see them both. Don't worry. Take one day at a time. They still love you.

Think about everyone in your class at school.
Do you know anyone whose parents have separated or divorced? Maybe there's someone near where you live. I expect that they looked a bit upset for a while. How are they now? Feeling better? Yes, I would think so. Why don't you ask them and tell them about what is happening to you?

Your mum and dad have not forgotten about you.
They just might be trying to plan how to make things better for you. They are feeling upset too. Ask for a hug and tell them how you feel. Things can get better.

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