Help your children cope with your divorce
Help Your Children Cope with Your Divorce (Relate Guide) By Paula Hall
ISBN: 0091912830 About £7.00
Paula has often assisted Divorce Aid and we thank her sincerely. She is a fully trained and experienced psychosexual therapist and relationship counsellor. She is also a youth counsellor. Her years of experience, professional outlook and her empathy shine through this valuable guide. You can also visit her website at
Children of all ages can be devastated by the news that their parents' relationship has broken down. Even those who have been living in a highly conflictual situation are often shocked by the final decision to separate. This guide will provide you with clear advice and guidance on how to minimise the impact of your relationship breakdown on your children. It also acknowledges the personal difficulties faced by the adult who has made the decision to leave as well as the adult who feels abandoned.

How to help your children survive the divorce
How to help your children survive the divorce by Dr. Alan Bradley and Jodie Beveridge
About £7.00
Did you see BBC1's I didn't divorce my kids? Alan Bradley was the brave and sympathetic presenter who gave these families hope for the future. At last - a book written by experts who put the children's welfare first as we do of course at Divorce Aid. This is a hands-on guide which combines personal and professional experience of divorce. Their aim is to minimise the distress/damage in children's lives during the divorce process and to help you through the aftermath when their lives will be dramatically different. Dr Bradley is sadly missed after his sudden death.

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, Chlidren are from Heaven
Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, Children are from Heaven by John Gray
ISBN: 0091826160 £8.00
This is general parenting book with 14 chapters ranging from subjects such as new skills for improving communication, it's okay to make mistakes, rewarding teenagers, children of divorced parents and asking your children what they think. 357 packed pages of well-presented information. "It is very unhealthy for children to feel responsible for their parents' feelings." And "Teens seek out their parents' support if parents know how to give them what they want."

Helping your kids cope with Divorce the Sandcastles way
Helping your Kids cope with Divorce the Sandcastles way by M. Gary Neuman
ISBN: 0679778012 £8.00
There is nothing like this book in the UK. We have a lot to learn from the American, Canadian and Australian governments in their work to help families going through the divorce process. There are more than 100 pieces of children's artwork, special activities and fun exercises to help you communicate with your child. It is practical, sympathetic and loving. There is an excellent look at the reactions you can expect, age by age. The index to the 460 pages ensures that you can look up a particular topic and immediately find some advice.

Where's Daddy?
Where's Daddy by Jill Curtis and Virginia Ellis
Separation and your child.

'My gran was very wise. I used to ask her all kinds of things I wouldn't ask my parents. I always felt that there was a cover-up going on with them, but I trusted my gran.' Jennifer.

We hope that you can find some support by reading one or more of these books. But remember that it is best to keep talking, keep meeting people and, above all, take care of yourself.

'We are divorced, we are friends, and we are good parents.' Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York.

Divorced Dad's survival handbook
Divorced Dad's Survival Book. How to stay connected with your kids by David Knox and Kennie Legget
ISBN: 0738203173 £10.00
This is an American book but full of handwoven knowledge for lone fathers at any stage of the divorce process. (also a good read for mums and any friends or family) It is the best we have read as it is so comprehensive and also makes up for the fact that American law is different to ours. It is his willingness to share his methods to alleviate confusion for both parents and children that make this book so valuable.

The Courage to be a Single Mother
The Courage To Be a Single Mother by Sheila Ellison
ISBN: 0062516523 £8.00

This is for all women who have made the choice to be single mothers and for all who have had that choice made for them. Sheila tells her story, and those of other mums, just the way it is for single mums, mess and all. You come to realize, that running through all these stories, there is a feeling that a sense of balance happens as a result of having courage. This book will become your friend as you feel, laugh, cry, rejoice and doubt together with these women who share how they grieved the loss of their marriages, how they struggled to survive and the courage they displayed in carving out new lives for themselves and their children. This is not a self-help book but a friend you can always turn to. If your friend is struggling with children on her own, this would make a perfect gift. Spread the word.

'Everything about me has changed. I appreciate things like washing machines, flowers in the spring, making love and the sound of my children's laughter in a way I never could before. I work daily to create the life I want simply by avoiding old patterns that didn't work for me the first time. I now believe that life is something I can create each day, instead of an event that just happens to me. Passion is what life is all about. It is what moves us. There are all kinds of passion: passion in a love relationship, passion for gardening, passion for a career, passion for children, passion for yourself. When you're living in a problem marriage, you have no energy left for passion. Then the divorce process comes along and there is only passion to get it over with. When you can actually feel within your body the excitement of possibilities, an opening up to new ways of being, then you've reached a place where you can celebrate the journey that has led you to wholeness and renewed your passion for life.'

Chicken Soul for the Mothers' Soul
Chicken Soup for the Mothers' Soul by Jack Canfield
ISBN: 0091819768 £9.00

This is a best-seller which celebrates the joys of motherhood from birth to letting go as your child leaves the nest. 'God cannot be everywhere, so he made mothers." Arab proverb. "Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within reach of every hand.' Mother Teresa. Coming soon, a new book for lone Mums.

Reunited in the Desert
Reunited in the Desert by Helle Amin
ISBN: 1844546063 £5.99
'An extraordinary story of maternal bravery,'
The Sun. 'Absolutely fascinating,' Lorraine kelly.
Having met Helle Amin, Tesco Mum of the Year Award Winner, I can say that her amazing story is truly inspiring and her modesty and charm are refreshing. Here is a woman who risked everything to see her children again.

Waterstones Guide to Kids Books
Waterstones Guide to Kids' Books 2008/09
ISBN 9781902603551 Out of print
For babies up to teenagers/first young adult books. Excellent guide which includes great reads, books for reluctant readers, reference and helpful books. A most welcome stocking-filler. England, Wales and N Ireland.

Price £3 or free in store to Watersones card holders.
Our thanks to Waterstones for including Divorce Aid as a resource.

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