Moving on

Our Divorce Social Worker, M. Gary Neuman, has published another helpful book 'The Long Way Home' - The powerful 4-step plan for adult children of divorce

How adults can heal the pain caused by their parents′ divorce

Millions of adults were children of divorce and, while a few have found closure and healing, many continue to struggle with the trauma of their parents′ divorce, commonly even 20, 30, or 40 years after it happened. If you are experiencing some of the common reactions to divorce, including issues of trust, ongoing sadness, and the feeling that you can′t shake your past, then you are likely still suffering from the pain of your parents′ divorce. This book is designed to help you rebuild your past, regardless of how long you have felt unable to do so.

Step Families
Relate: Step Families - Living Successfully with Other People's Children by Suzie Hayman
ISBN: 0091856663 About £6.50 Offers practical and positive strategies for coping with the emotional issues likely to concern a new combination of parents and children. This guide includes coming to terms with the on-going role of the ex and addresses the decision of new partners to have children of their own.

Mars & Venus Single Again
Mars and Venus Single Again by John Gray
ISBN: 0091816270 About £6.50
This offers a practical guide for understanding the emotional pain experienced by both men and women after a break-up. A broken heart can be healed, we are told. We are helped to come to terms with our loss and move on.

Embracing Uncertainty
Embracing Uncertainty by Susan Jeffers
ISBN: 0340830220 About £6.50

Nobody knows what will happen in the next moment of our lives. Whatever is in store for us, the only thing we can be sure of is that nothing in life is certain. We are certainly aware of this fact as we travel through the divorce process and learn to let go. And since we all fear the unknown, life's uncertainty can be a constant source of worry to us. But, as bestselling author Susan Jeffers explains, life doesn't have to be one worry after the next, a steady stream of "what ifs" and a constant attempt to create a secure haven for ourselves.

In this title she emphasises that an unknown future doesn't prevent a rich and abundant life and shows how, by enjoying life's unpredictability, we transform ourselves from a position of fear to one filled with excitement and potential. Through case studies, exercises and pragmatic wisdom, the author attempts to convince us, above all, that life is exhilarating because of, not in spite of, uncertainty.

Fearless Living
Fearless Loving: 8 Simple Truths That Will Change the Way You Date, Mate and Relate by Rhonda Britten
ISBN: 034082803X About £9.00

This is a sequel to Fearless Living which is reviewed in the Support section of Health Aid. Love is one of the biggest casualties of Fear. Charismatic TV life coach Rhonda Britten shows us how we can find the love we crave through conquering this fear and moving forward with our new-found freedom. The foremost expert on fear pushes us beyond our safe-but-stale approach to relationships, radically altering our concept of love with eight illuminating and life-changing truths about love.

She says, "What percentage of your loving relationships are run by fear? When you are willing to see how fear has been running your love life, being and staying in love becomes a whole lot easier. Love is messy. Embrace it. Face it. And love will reveal itself in ways you could never imagine. Because ultimately, love will save you from your fears and show you the way home." Let us hope so.

How to get married again
How to Get Married Again: A Guide to Second Weddings by our very own Jill Curtis
ISBN: 0340861274 About £6.50

Every wedding involves many more people than the two who are about to make their promises and there is the endless list of things to get sorted, but when it is a second wedding the people and problems can multiply beyond measure. This guide to second weddings takes account of the emotional and practical concerns involved and considers the rules of etiquette involved to help the day pass smoothly. It hopes to prove that there is no reason why a second wedding should not be as special as a first. Indeed, two of the best weddings I attended were second ones for both couples, so personal, individual and romantic.

Life Laundry
The Life Laundry 2: How to Stay De-Junked Forever by Dawna Walter
ISBN: 0563487496 About £6.50

Do we really need books such as Dawna Walter's How To Stay De-junked Forever? Or TV series such as The Life Laundry, which it accompanies? The answer would appear to be a resounding yes, as more and more of us sink under an avalanche of objects that we are reluctant to get rid of. Writers such as Graham Greene and Jean-Paul Sartre believed that we are possessed by our possessions, and it's that philosophy that Walters is out to puncture with a vengeance. The great success of The Life Laundry: How To De-junk Your Life (which accompanied her first television series showing us how to clear the clutter) was a sage mixture of both fairly elementary advice and some cutting, not-so-obvious truths.

Apart from those few people living in minimalist Japanese-style homes, many of us found much food for thought in Walter's book and programme, and a great deal of weeding out of old clothes, magazines, toys, etc, no doubt took place after she had shown us the way. Starting again after divorce may be better after a good old clean out but be careful not to throw things out you may later regret, such as old wedding photos. Your children may want to look at these in later years to see that love once lived there.

Life Strategies
Life Strategies: Stop Making Excuses! Do What Works, Do What Matters by Phillip C. McGraw
ISBN: 0091856965 About £5.50

My favourite self-help book! Shows you how to make a dramatic change in your life. Whether it's a bad relationship, a dead-end career, or a harmful habit, Phillip McGraw's "10 Life Laws" help you to wake up and move on to new experiences. Phillip C. McGraw, Ph.D., better known to Oprah Winfrey fans as Dr. Phil, has popped out a refreshingly in-your-face contribution to the self-help genre that doesn't beat around the bush. You will not be asked to commune with your inner child or vent your anger and pain. Instead, Life Strategies is a prescription for action, complete with stories. Each chapter contains at least one writing assignment, designed to stimulate honest inquiry and to challenge even your most basic assumptions.

Woman Travel
Women Travel: First Hand Accounts from More Than 60 Countries - A Rough Guide Special by Natania et al Jansz, Miranda Davies and Natania Jansz
ISBN: 1858284597 About £10.50

Anthony Sattin of The Sunday Times says, "It's not every day you survive an earthquake in Indonesia, annoy David Bowie in a New York elevator or whip the male guests at an all-night party in Outer Mongolia. But these are not everyday stories. These are great tales of survival, adventure and discovery...a celebration of fine travel writing... and of these women authors. Inspirational." A great read for both men and women; it may even start you travelling. Is there somewhere you have always wanted to visit? perhaps your changed circumstances could allow you to do this now.

Self-made Millionaires
What Self-made Millionaires Really Think, Know & Do: A Straight-talking Guide to Business Success & Personal Riches by Richard Dobbins and Barrie Pettman
ISBN: 1841120200 About £10.50 says, "This title offers readers practical, hands-on advice for turning ideas into money-making business realities. Two self-made millionaires, Richard Dobbins and Barrie Pettman, reveal the secrets of their fantastic business achievements and personal fortunes. Illustrated throughout with great stories and personal anecdotes, this comprehensive guide shows readers how ambition and perseverance are the keys to becoming a self-made millionaire. " We may not want to become millionaires - we may know our limitiations - but this book could lead us to greater financial independence. As Richard says, "The 80/20 rule is important in all areas. 20 per cent of our time yields 80 per cent of our results."

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