Which? Guide to Divorce

Price £7.25
ISBN 978 184490 0343

This is really a must have book and we are delighted that Divorce Aid is included. Thank you Imogen.

If you can only buy one, then this is it. We review many other books in other sections but only this one here. Nothing can beat it. You could save yourself a lot of time, distress and money.

Divorce, separation, dissolution of a civil partnership or simply splitting up with a partner is never easy – the emotional upheaval, legal complexities and financial implications make even the most amicable parting a demanding business; when children are involved, couples are in dispute and property needs to be divided the whole process can be fraught with difficulties. And it’s not just for married couples that is complicated: the dissolution of civil partnerships and the splitting up of cohabiting couples means the subject has become more varied and more complex.

Divorce and Splitting Up offers comprehensive, clear, step-by-step guidance through the whole process, explaining how the law works, drawing attention to key considerations and looking at ways of minimising unnecessary conflict and costs.

It contains:
• advice on how to choose a solicitor, legal fees, when to go to court and what this entails
• information on less confrontational alternatives, such as mediation, with advice on when these are suitable and what they can help to achieve
• advice on the position and needs of children, maintenance settlements, parental responsibility and legal rights
• guidance following the 2006 abolition of the Child Support Agency (CSA) with notes on the probable effects on divorcing couples and their offspring
• emergency legal measures to counter crisis, such as child abduction or domestic abuse
• separate chapters on how different laws and procedures apply in Scotland and Northern Ireland and the implications of these

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