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The Which? Guide to Divorce by Imogen Clout

ISBN 0852029454 About £7.50

This is really a must have book, not just becuase it lists Divorce Aid. If you can only buy one, then this is it. This guide explains the divorce process in simple, straightforward terms. This new edition of "The Which? Guide to Divorce" covers all the effects of the Family Law Act 1996, including those yet to be implemented.

As well as explaining recent changes to legal aid and the proposed changes to Child Support, pensions and the implications of the Human Rights Act 1988, it steers you through the maze of legal and financial issues by providing in easy to understand language: a step-by-step guide to the stages of the divorce process; information on court costs; tips on how to find the right solicitor; and a glossary and list of useful addresses.

The book also discusses the role of mediation and the way in which the Family Law Act deals with domestic violence and matrimonial home rights. The differences in divorce law and practice in Scotland and Northern Ireland are explored in separate chapters. In addition, the book points out the differences in the law for unmarried couples.

Your Money or You Life
Your Money or Your Life by Alvin Hall
ISBN: 0340823208 About £6.00
Although this book does not concentrate on divorce issues, it does provide alot of good information and aims to show you how to maximise your money and set off on the road to financial freedom. The question Alvin is most frequently asked is "Where does my money go?" Helping you to understand your money psychology, Alvin beats a clear pathway through the financial maze of mortgages, insurance and pensions, provides a practical understanding of credit card debt and interest rates, and advises how to set up balance sheets for budgeting personal finances. A really good and informative read.

Mars & Venus Starting Over
"Financial Mail on Sunday" Complete Personal Finance Guide: Everything You Need to Know About All the Financial Decisions You'll Ever Have to Make by Jeff Prestridge
ISBN: 0712680020 About £10.00
This book provides a wealth of expert advice and information in simple, jargon-free language.A one-stop guide to all aspects of family and personal finances. It offers advice on savings, investment, morgages, tax, pensions and life insurance. You'll find the top 40 personal finance tips, a family finance dictionary, question and answer sections and "do's and don'ts" - all easy to read.

Little Book of Calm
The " Which?" Guide to Planning Your Pensions: How to Maximize Your Retirement Income ("Which?" Consumer Guides) by Jonquil Lowe
ISBN: 0852029012 £8.00

This new, revised edition explains your pension options and helps you choose the best ways to plan for your later years. It covers all the key issues and a special section about pension planning if you're facing divorce.

Other key topics include: how much you should save; what the state will provide; how to get the best from an employer's scheme; the new stakeholder schemes; personal pensions and whether to switch from one to a stakeholder scheme; other ways to save for retirement; how to boost your pension; pension choices when you change jobs; pension planning if you're facing redundancy, or caring for children or an older person; how to trace old pensions; how to claim your pension once you retire; and how retirement savings and pensions are treated for tax.

Armed with this book, the subject of pensions will no longer be a daunting task.

You can heal your life
The Laws of Money the Lessons of Life by Suze Orman
ISBN: 0743245172 About £14.00
Suze is best-selling author in the USA and a professional financial adviser. Here she introduces us to the 5 Laws of Money which are vital principles that you need to know whether you are old or young, male or female, with or without money, a novice or a veteran investor. She shows us these laws through her compassionate stories adapted from real-life situations. And she helps you learn how to keep what you have and create what you deserve. This is an uplifting book and can only be helpful at this time of upheaval and financial turmoil.


Personal finance issues are well-covered in many national newspapers and we give details of the editions below.

The Times - Money section on Saturdays

Sunday Times has a separate Money section.

Financial Times has a weekend section.

Mail on Sunday - Financial section is very comprehensive and easy to read.

Daily Mirror - Wednesdays

Daily Mail - Money Mail on Wednesdays

Guardian - Jobs and Money section on Saturdays. Contains good best buy tables.

Daily Telegraph - Your Money on Saturdays

Sunday Telegraph has a separate money section.

Daily Express - Money section on Wednesdays

Sunday Express - Your Money

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