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How to Have a Health DivorceHow to have a healthy divorce
By Paula Hall

Part of the bestselling Relate series

‘This excellent organisation … can work with a couple to bring about a state of mind
where a parting can be civilized’
Bel Mooney, Daily Mail
The process of divorce can be emotionally devastating.
How to Have a Healthy Divorce will help you to embrace the reality of the situation, gain more understanding of what went wrong and handle the rollercoaster of
emotions involved. In clear and simple steps, this practical guide will show you how to:
• Overcome actual and potential challenges
• Accept your past, present and future circumstances
• Formulate a personal action plan, including
helpful advice on financial and legal matters
• Build a relationship with your ex so you can
communicate effectively
This accessible, sympathetic guide will help you to
emerge from a healthy divorce with valuable lessons
learnt and the tools to build a secure and fulfilling future.

Finding your way through divorce
Finding your way through divorce by Jill Curtis
ISBN 034078587X About £5.59
This is a 5 star book for anyone contemplating divorce or in the middle of it. It is a down-to-earth guide to help you through this process by asking whether divorce is the only option. It offers practical advice and strategies to lessen the trauma. Written by a psychotherapist who also has personal family experience, it is warmly written and becomes a good friend.

Where's Daddy?
Where's Daddy? by Jill Curtis and Virginia Ellis
ISBN: 0747521816 About £5.59
This book mainly relies on the voices of many mothers and fathers telling their own stories. Children also contribute through drawings and writing. We also hear from adults who were children at the time of their parents' separation. Here we are given the gift of hindsight , which, as Billy Wilder said: "is always twenty-twenty."

Mars & Venus Starting Over
Mars & Venus Starting Over by John Gray
ISBN: 0091816270 About £6.39
This offers a practical guide for understanding the emotional pain experienced by both men and women after a break-up. A broken heart can be healed, we are told. We are helped to come to terms with our loss and move on.

Little Book of Calm
The Little Book of Calm by Paul Wilson
ISBN: 0140285261 £2.50
A little gem. Have a look at the other titles in this series.

You can heal your life
You can heal your life by Louise L. Hay
ISBN: 1870845013 £9.99
This is a gorgeous book with beautiful illustrations and a timeless messsage. "By choosing loving, joyous thoughts, I created a loving joyous world," P. Randall Cohan.

Feel the fear and do it anyway
Feel the Fear and do it anyway by Susan Jeffers
ISBN: 0712671056 £5.59
This gives plenty of advice on how to overcome fear and heal the pain caused by the end of a relationship, being alone, intimacy,decision-making and more. Over 2 million copies have been sold and so there must be some good advice here for everyone.

The Blue Day Book
The Blue Day Book by Bradley Trevor Grieve
ISBN: 1861053959 £4.99
An amusing collection of animal photos and short text, designed to cheer us up during a blue day.A favourite photo has to be, "Never hang back. Get out there and go for it." Treat yourself.

Driving over Lemons
Driving over Lemons by Chris Stewart
ISBN: 0953522709 About £5.59
Chris Stewart takes us to meet the locals of the Alpujarra region of Andalucia in his book. His account of buying a derelict farm and his ensuing new lifestyle, is both compassionate and unsentimental. This book is an absolute delight. The sequel is "Parrot in a Pepper Tree" which is equally as enjoyable.

Dinner for Two
101 poems to help you understand men (and women) by Daisy Goodwin
ISBN: 0007133960 £7.99
There is a series of little books containing poems by various authors, both old and new, from Lord Byron to the inspiring young poet and writer, Sophie Hannah. There are various categories such as Men Have Feelings Too, Forgotten But Not Forgiven and Emotional Rescue.

Editor's Note: The team would like to thank Daisy Goodwin for all her invaluable assistance. Her latest book, 'Poems to last a lifetime' is now available. It is a lovely collection of poems for all occasions and beautifully illustrated. Quite a heavyweight too. Click here to buy.

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