Top 10 books to help cildren in divorce
Also see the excellent divorce leaflets for children, free from Divorce Aid
You can try and get these from your local library. If they are not in stock, ask the librarian if she could order for you. Just write down the title and the ISBN number - it's the long one. Maybe you could show your parents what you want to read and they could order them from Amazon by clicking on the pictures below.A mans work

Man's Work by Annie Kubler
ISBN 0859535878 For 1-4 yrs
This is a wordless picture book, showing a father and his toddler son having fun while doing household chores. (about £3)
Dinosaur divorce
Dinosaurs Divorce by L. K. Brown and M. Brown
ISBN 0316109967 For 4-8 yrs
This picture book is lovely. It explains the facts and feelings when parents divorce. (about £6)
This is a big favourite of ours and just reprinted.
How do I feel about my parent's divorce?
How Do I Feel About My Parents' Divorce? By Julia Cole
ISBN 0749640952 For 5-11yrs
Here you can join friends as they talk about how they feel. There are cartoon strips, photos and it is very easy to read. (about £6)
Rainy day Rainy Day by Emma Haughton
ISBN 0385409818 For 5-10 yrs Fiction.
Ned looks forward to a visit to the fair with Dad but it pours down. But they still have fun together and Dad says, "Rainy days aren't so bad. And they don't last forever." Photo-style illustrations. A lovely book.(about £10)
Since dad left Since Dad Left by Caroline Binch
ISBN 0711213550 For 7-11 yrs Fiction.
Sid feels cross because he doesn't understand why his parents don't live together anymore. He doesn't want to spend a day with Dad when his Mum arranges it. Read it to find out what happens. (about £6)

Arctic fox Arctic Fox by Mary Ellis
ISBN 0006752837 For 8-12 Yrs Fiction
An exciting and moving novel set in the UK and then in Canada. Alex's mother has left home. Alex and her explorer father travel to the Arctic.. (about £4)
Flour babies Flour Babies by Anne Fine
ISBN 0140361472 For 9-13 Yrs Fiction
When Simon has to look after a "flour baby" for 3 weeks as part of a school project, he starts to think about how his Mum has managed to look after him on her own. This is a funny and thoughtful read. (about £5)
Suitcase kid Suitcase Kid by Jacqueline Wilson
ISBN 0440863112 For 9-12 Yrs Fiction
Andy is upset about her parents' divorce and does not know who she should live with - one week at Mum's and one week at Dad's. How will it end? A good book with some fun. Great for adults too. (about £5)
Your mum, my dad Your Dad, My Mum by Hazel Townson
ISBN 082649617 For 9-13 Yrs Fiction
When Alex's father goes off round the world, his Mum starts dating Prunella's Dad. He really doesn't get on with Prunella and they both keep diaries about what is going on (about £9).
Bumface Bumface by Morris Gleitzman
ISBN 0141303557 For 10-13 Yrs Fiction
Angus's mother is a soap-star and has little time for her kids. Guess what? Yes, Angus has to look after them and to try and talk some sense to his mum. This is a funny tale but with a serious message. (about £4)

Waterstones Guide to Kids Books
Waterstones Guide to Kids' Books 2008/09
ISBN 9781902603551 Out of print
For babies up to teenagers/first young adult books. Excellent guide which includes great reads, books for reluctant readers, reference and helpful books. A most welcome stocking-filler. England, Wales and N Ireland.
Our thanks to Waterstones for including Divorce Aid as a resource.

As you can see, lots of children have families that are changing.
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