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Get Involved

If you feel that we have helped you or that we can assist others, here are some suggestions for helping us with our publicity. Any professionals willing to help us should get in touch by email.

Spread the word
If you feel you would like to help us, we would of course welcome your suggestions. If you can pass on our details to friends and colleagues who need some help, we would be grateful.

Print us
You could also print off a page, perhaps our Homepage, and pin it up for people to see - at work, school or at your local library or community group. You may also spread the word by emailing links to certain pages.

Forum groups and websites
We would also welcome anyone signposting our services in forum groups or on other websites which ask for recommendations.
Our web address is http://www.divorceaid.co.uk/

Any mention of us to the media would also be appreciated - radio, TV and press. We are contacted regularly by the media regarding legal issues and some journalists and TV producers also contact us to appeal for participants. These are listed in our Media section. If you would like to receive these appeals via email from Divorce Aid, please join our Join media mailing list in total confidence.

Please give any details you would like Divorce Aid to know and add your phone number for our use only. You don't, of course, have to give any details at all. Your email address is sufficient.

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