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We have many people to acknowledge and thank for their generous contributions to Divorce Aid.

Andy Marles
Andy is a brilliant graphic designer and printer. He designed the original website (the basis of this one too) and spent numerous hours of his spare time on the project. Anyone who saw the site, remembered it and many commented on the distinctive appearance and unique design using pastel colours. Divorce Aid would not have started without the generous assistance from this kind professional.

Michael Follis
Michael Follis, accredited family law solicitor, casually agreed to check Christina's work in the legal section of the original site. He did not know how large the task would be and perhaps thought it would never materialise. We are very grateful for his contribution which involved months of work.

Lisa Daymond-King
She was a remarkable FILEX at Challinors and handled Christina's case for more time than she cares to remember. Lisa's perseverance, professionalism, gentleness and kindness were apparent in her day-to-day work. She raises much money for the Acorns Children Hospice in the West Midlands.

Julia Briggs
This is the outstanding Manhattan artist who most kindly and generously allowed us to use her graphics. Julia has a very individual style and we are pleased that many of you have found some relief from the hard-going text with her lovely paintings. Use any of the links from these to her website where you can browse through her online gallery and perhaps buy your own.

Melissa Baxter
Melissa has kindly guided us with her marketing expertise. She was the marketing manager of Blandy and Blandy in Reading, a leading family law firm in Legal 500.

Millennium Computers, Oakham
We also thank Andrew Viney and his staff at Millennium for all their previous support.

Daisy Goodwin
We thank Daisy Goodwin, Director of Talkback Thames and author, for her kind advice re the media and copyright issues.

Christopher Burns
Chris originally kindly gave us some advice on copyright issues, being an author himself and lecturer on writing courses. His local venue for courses is Higham Hall near Bassenthwaite Lake and Cockermouth in Cumbia.

Christine Giles
We also thank Chris for her total support and friendship. She is one of those people who always has time to listen.

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